A general-purpose library for C99
squareball Directory Reference


file  sb-compat.h [code]
 Compatibility helper functions.
file  sb-configparser.h [code]
 Functions to parse INI-style configuration files.
file  sb-error.h [code]
 Error reporting infrastructure.
file  sb-file.h [code]
 File utilities.
file  sb-mem.h [code]
 Memory allocation related helpers.
file  sb-parsererror.h [code]
 Parser error object.
file  sb-shell.h [code]
 Shell-related utilities.
file  sb-slist.h [code]
 Singly-linked list implementation.
file  sb-stdin.h [code]
 Standard input utilities.
file  sb-strerror.h [code]
 String error object.
file  sb-strfuncs.h [code]
 String related helper functions.
file  sb-string.h [code]
 String object that grows automatically, as required by the content added to it.
file  sb-trie.h [code]
 Implementation of a trie data structure.
file  sb-utf8.h [code]
 UTF-8 utilities.