A general-purpose library for C99
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 sb-configparser.hFunctions to parse INI-style configuration files
 sb-error.hError reporting infrastructure
 sb-file.hFile utilities
 sb-mem.hMemory allocation related helpers
 sb-parsererror.hParser error object
 sb-shell.hShell-related utilities
 sb-slist.hSingly-linked list implementation
 sb-stdin.hStandard input utilities
 sb-strerror.hString error object
 sb-strfuncs.hString related helper functions
 sb-string.hString object that grows automatically, as required by the content added to it
 sb-trie.hImplementation of a trie data structure
 sb-utf8.hUTF-8 utilities
 squareball.hMain library header